The New Dad Adventure: First Tears

20 Jul

By Luis De La Torre

Monday Renee First Vaccines
Monday Renee First Vaccines


The new dad faces his fears.

The new week had started shiny. Monday´s sun raised in the sky, was warming the cold morning. Michael. the engineer, had gone to kitchen for a cup of hot coffee and a baby bottle. He was needing to be completely awake and Reneé was crying hungry. The hour: 5 a.m.
Took a coffee sip, “it needs milk” he thought”, he went to refrigerator and in the freezer door a paper yellow square with something written with red ink and with uppercase letters, was stuck.

“MONDAY RENEÉ VACCINES”, it seemed to say the message. He scrubbed his eyes to be able to read well. With the eyes wide open, he reades: “MONDAY RENEE´S FIRST VACCINES”. Not even the strongest coffee in the world, would have caused the effect of this small piece of yellow paper. He forgot about the milk, took the paper, his cup of the coffee and the baby bottle and walked as fast as he could towards the bedroom.

He entered the bedroom, put the cup of coffee on the bureau, jumped to Renee´s cradle and slid softly the nipple into the small mouth. As the baby devouring his food, he was thinking in the message. A rude nurse, with witch face, and stronger than him, was going to sting his daughter´s body.

He started to sweat and shake, Michael has Trypanophobia. The simple thought of a hypodermic needle, produces in him, anxiety. Reneé’s shout made it forget his thoughts and look at her. With the quake of his body, he had extracted the nipple of the mouth of the baby and filled the sweet little face of milk.

Vaso-Vagal Trypanophobia, the complete name of Michael´s phobia, is actually the fear of needle. This variety of injection phobia, provokes a vasovagal syncope or faint due to a blood pressure decrease. This drop down in blood pressure, originated by the vasovagal shock reflex, may cause death.

Michael was worried… Would Reneé have inherited his phobia?. He looked to the sky and prayed… He did not want that for his baby.

Before the baby bottle was remaining empty. Reneé fell asleep, Michael, slowly took it off from the baby´s mouth, went to bed, lay down and tried to sleep again…. He couldn´t.

Five minutes later, he got up, went to the study, opened the low booth of the office, where he keep all the family documents and he looked for a folder.

Finally found the folder that he was looking for… Reneé´s documents, he opened it and grabbed a magnetic item with the state´s vaccine program.

His eyes stops in the first two rows:

  • 1to2 months: Hepatitis B
  • 2 months: DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis) vaccine, Hib vaccine, polio vaccine, pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV)

He quit counting when he reached 6. nauseas and weeping was filling his body, he was lacking the air. Ran to the bedroom with the folder in his hands. In his run, he kicked a chair leg but the pain in his little toe would not stop him.

He called his wife one, two up to three times before Ellis, the wife, was woke up. A small movement of her right eye was enough to place in front of it the yellow paper and the magnetic vaccines program. Ellis, with the only open eye, she tried to read the paper; as she wasn´t able to read, turned her look to his husband´s face. When she noticed the terror face, she sat on the bed.

His husband wasn´t speaking, just showed her what was in his hand. She scrubbed her eyes and started to read. When she finished, looking Michael tried to understand the reason of that look in his eyes. After a couple of minutes looking each other,, she remembered “!everything is going to be ok!” she said and smiled to the engineer.

The white doors of the cubicles and the drowned sobs of a child, were doing that Michael was pressing Reneé who was slept in his arms.Ellis was at his side reading an information pamphlet which they gave her. Suddenly, number 3 cubicle door was opened,a very nice and tender nurse appeared. With a very sweet and confident voice, she called Reneé. When Michael listened the name, tried to stand up twice… he couldn´t. Ellis got up, took Reneé in his arms, smiled, kissed Michael and entered to number three cubicle.

10 minutes had passed. For Michael, they seemed 10 hours. Still he was not able to move, but he was starting to feel the blood through his legs.

The cubicle number three door was opened and a couple of tearful eyes went out. They were reflecting deeply suffering and pain. Michael’s tears start to flow, as pulled by a herd of horses, he got up and run to the two women he loves.
Ellis released all his weeping on Michael´s shoulder, laughing and between sobs she said, ” she did not feel nothing…never woke up”.

Both of them bent the head  to look Reneé who was deeply slept in his mommy arms.

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