The New Dad Adventure Begins

20 Jul

Have you ever figured what´s in the new dad´s mind on that special moment?…

The new dad could not take out the sight of the back of his new baby daughter…

How can come out so many … thing of a small body?… How that thing is going to be cleaned?.

Michael, the industrial engineer, has thought about approximately fifty processes of cleanliness of that … thing. The afraid never has gone. He can hurt her, with his coarse and rough hands, He was afraid of hurt the most delicate and beautiful thing he ever had between his arms. Took a deep breath and make a choice… a wise choice: he’s going to use wipes (a lot of wipes) and clean from front to back as the doctor says the day when Renee was born.

After a complete box of wipes (the half used to clean his hands when ho forgot the diaper content he grab it strongly and the content start to flow exactly to the palm of the hand of Michael) , he achieve to clean all the area, not without sweat as he was in the vapor room the Sunday afternoon, when he was single.

With a little shame, he clean the baby’s genitals, the cheeks and between them. Now, the next step: the diaper ointment. Who knows how much is the exactly amount of ointment to put in the buttocks of the baby? “Mom was deeply slept”. “She is tired and afflicted by pain. No, I do not need to wake her”.” I am the father; I must know how to do this”.” Besides that, I am a good husband and I want to help my wife”. Introduced the four fingers in the bottle, filling his hand with ointment, covered the baby’s buttocks. Started to rub the small back, extending it for the entire zone. But the cream just covers but nodisappears“what is happening here? “ He gets a shoulder and an arm tired and the cream still stays over Renee’s behind. “I am rubbing the half of the back and the back part of the knees (how is the name of that part?… focus, focus!!)”. Finally, tired, painful and now with a sleeping baby, took a towel from the bathroom and start to clean all the cream left over in the child back. You dear reader can imagine how the towel finished the process of cleaning.

At the end, the small diaper seems to be so tender and delicate. These designers of diaper really used the brain on having put these velcro stripes in the front of the diaper, Michael thought.

After a half hour looking for the other part of the Velcro stripes in the “back “ of the diaper, Michael decides to stick those stripes in the upper area meanwhile he find the hidden rest of the Velcro.

It took almost an hour since the process begins. When the mom wakes up, she found Michael with a big smile in his face, and Renee girl clean, with a slippery back and diaper back in the front. She took the baby from her father’s arms and starts to rock her. She feel’s something wrong but don’t say anything because she wasn’t sure. She did not know anything about babies.

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